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Voter Petitions for Term Limits in Illinois: A Conflict Between Popular Desire and Constitutional Constraints 
Paul Hale, JD Candidate, Southern Illinois University School of Law and Legal & Policy Exter, Paul Simon Public Policy Institute-  April 2014 - Paper #36

There's Nothing Fair About the Illinois Map: An Examination of the Reapportionment Process in Illinois
Craig Curtis, Brad McMillan and Don Racheter -  April 2013 - Paper #35

President Obama's Victories in Illinois: 2012 Compared to 2008
John S. Jackson, Visiting Professor -  February 2013 - Paper #34

Lessons Learned: What the successes and failures of recent reform efforts tell us about the prospects for political reform in Illinois
Cynthia Canary and Kent Redfield -  October 2012 - Paper #33

The Illinois Presidential Primary: How Romney Won and What It Meant
John S. Jackson, Visiting Professor -  August 2012 - Paper #32

How Schools Can Promote Civic Education
Suzanne Schmitz, Professor of Law Emeritus -  May 2012 - Paper #31

Redistricting in Illinois: A Comparative View on State Redistricting
Joseph A. Cervantez and Logan Fentress - April 2012 - Paper #30

Alexander Lane - From Slavery to Freedom: The Life of Alexander Lane, Educator, Physician and Illinois State Legislator, 1860-1911
Pamela Smoot, Research Assistants:  Andrew Barbero and Michara Canty -  February 2012 - Paper #29

Reduced Size PDF of Paper #29

The 1977 Illinois Senate Presidency Fight
Ken Buzbee -  January 2012 - Paper #28

The Movement of Opinion Toward Spending Cuts, Revenue Increases, and Political Reform In Illinois: Results and Analysis of The Fourth Annual Simon Poll
Charles Leonard, Ryan P. Burge, and Emily S. Carroll -  January 2012 - Paper #27

Friends and Neighbors in Government: Partisanship in County Government in Illinois 1975-2010
John Jackson -  August 2011 - Paper #26

The Climate of Opinion in Southern Illinois Continuity and Change
John Jackson and Charles Leonard -  April 2011 - Paper #25

Results and Analysis of The Third Annual Simon Poll: A Statewide Survey of Illinois Voters, Fall 2010
Charles Leonard -  March 2011 - Paper #24

Alternatives to Illinois’ Budget Deficit: An Analysis of Proposed Solutions by Gubernatorial Candidates, Elected Officials, and Public Policy Organizations
Christopher Baughman and Adrian M. Velazquez -  January 2011 - Paper #23

The 2010 Elections: Illinois Still Blue Despite the Red Wave that Swept the Nation
John Jackson - January 2011 - Paper #22

The Man and the Land: The Politics of Paul Simon and Southern Illinois, 1950-1973
Eugene Trani -  July 2010 - Paper #21

Results and Analysis of the Inaugural Southern Illinois Poll
Dr. Charles Leonard -  June 2010 - Paper #20

Institutional Reform and State Government Corruption: An Analysis of Institutional Reforms Proposed by the Illinois Reform Commission
Travis Taylor and John Hamman -  May 2010 - Paper #19

Higher Education Funding in Illinois: 1997-2010
Dr. John Jackson and Carol Bedar - April 2010 - Paper #18

Ethical Reforms, the Budget Crisis, and Perceptions of Quality of Life In Illinois: Results and Analysis of The Paul Simon Public Policy Institute 2009 Statewide Poll
Professor Charles Leonard -  February 2010 - Paper #17

Reforming Health Care: The Paradoxes of Cost
Professor Edward A. Zelinsky - November 2009 - Paper #16

Selecting Judges: Merit Selection and Other Matters
Stephen L. Wasby Professor Emeritus of Political Science University at Albany – SUNY -November 2009 - Paper #15*

*The Wasby paper is the first one under our new series title, The Simon Review.

On Public Capital Investment and Economic Growth in Illinois
Subhash C. Sharma & Basharat Pitafi - March 2009 - Paper #14

The Anatomy of President Barack Obama's General Election Victory in Illinois
Dr. John Jackson - February 2009 - Paper #13

Confronting the State Budget and Establishing Quality of Life Benchmarks in Illinois:
Results and Analysis of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute 2008 Statewide Poll

Dr. Charles W. Leonard
- January 2009 - Paper #12

The 2008 Presidential Nominations Process, a Marathon and a Sprint:
An Analysis of What Happened and Why

Dr. John Jackson - July 2008 - Paper #11

Ball Fair? A Quantitative Examination of Which Universities Succeed In the Men's NCAA Tournament
Wilfred T. Reilly - March 2008 - Paper #10

Presidential Nominations and Regional Primaries: An Analysis of Proposals for Reform
Dr. John Jackson - January 2008 - Paper #9

Tom Eagleton and the "Curse to our Constitution"
By William H. Freivogel - September 2007 - Paper #8

Competition in Illinois
Dr. John Jackson and Paul Gottemoller - June 2007 - Paper #7

Publishing National Security Secrets - The Case for "Benign Indeterminacy"
William H. Freivogel - February 2007 - Paper #6

Still the Wild West? A 10 Year Look at Campaign Finance Reform in Illinois
Ed Wojcicki - September 2006 - Paper #5

The Making of a Senator: Barack Obama
Dr. John Jackson - August 2006 - Paper #4

Illinois Water Policy
Dr. Christopher L. Lant - September 2005 - Paper #3

Redistricting in Illinois
Dr. John Jackson and Lourenke Prozesky - April 2005 - Paper #2

Illinois Politics in the 21st Century
Dr. John Jackson - January 2004 - Paper #1

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