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The Paul Simon Public Policy Institute is grateful to the diverse speakers we have been privileged to host on the Carbondale campus of Southern Illinois University. By providing these videos online, we are able to share the insights and inspiring stories of people who have graciously given of their time to travel to southern Illinois. Many of them not only provided us with these remarks, but spent additional time in classrooms and small group settings with students of all ages. We hope you enjoy these videos, which will be added to over time, and we also encourage you to join us for our upcoming programs on campus.

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The institute is grateful to WSIU-TV for preparing these videos for streaming over the Internet. To learn more about WSIU-TV visit

The Simon institute is pleased to provide a limited number of videos in closed captioning.  We hope to continue to add to our collection for the hearing impaired as financial resources become available.  If you are interested in donating towards closed captioning services for these videos, please contact the Institute at 618.453.4009  We welcome underwriting from individuals, corporations and foundations.

Videos from Paul Simon Public Policy Institute events are in Windows Media format. If you do not have Windows Media player you can download it for free from Microsoft.
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